Manaslu Circuit Trek
 Manaslu Circuit Trek located in Lamjung district of Nepal is one of the widely travelled trekking routes in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is also known as one of the most difficult and challenging treks in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek provides a great opportunity for the trekkers to explore the Himalayan Mountain Range and witness the unparalleled beauty of mountain climbing. The trekkers can also bear witness of the fascinating Tibetan culture that is still prevalent in the Manaslu region. Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest peak in the world with an altitude of 8163 meters. Manaslu Circuit Trek is located along the Nepal-Tibet border in the northern part of Nepal. The word Manaslu is believed to be derived from the sanskrit word Manasa which means ‘soul’ or ‘intellect’. Hence, Mount Manaslu is also commonly known as the ‘Mountain of Spirit’.
Trekking along the Manaslu region is one of the most delightful adventures you can imagine. Manaslu Circuit Trek brings along with it the great opportunity to surpass the traditional villages, past the rivers and tress, past the local people and finally behold the greatest of the views of the Himalayan Mountain Range from a very close distance. The trek might be quite demanding at times as it is physically challenging and strenuous. However, as real excitement lies in challenging situations and conditions, foreign trekkers do not want to miss out on the opportunity of exploring Manaslu region. The real excitement of the trek comes when you reach the Larkya La Pass via the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is a challenging trek that requires good physical fitness, stamina and also mental strength.
Manaslu Circuit Trek usually begins from Arughat, a small town in Gorkha district, and ends at Dharapani in the Annapurna region. The Manaslu trek offers a unique but also challenging opportunity to explore the pristine and untouched beauty of Nepal.

Itinerary outline
Day 01–Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02: Drive to Arughat (700m)
Day 03: Trek to Soti Khola (815m)
Day 04: Trek to Machhikhola (930m)
Day 05: Trek to Philim (1590m)
Day 06: Trek to Bihi Phedi (2130m)
Day 07: Trek to Namrung (2660m)
Day 08: Trek to Sama Gompa (3530m)
Day 09: Trek to Samdo (3690m)
Day 10: Trek to Dharmashala (4470m)
Day 11: Trek to Larkya La Pass (5213m) and down to Bhimtang (3750m)
Day 12: Trek to Tilije (2310m)
Day 13: Trek to Syange (1175m)
Day 14: Trek to Bhul Bula (825m)
Day 15: Drive to Kathmandu
Day 16: Departure to TIA “Farewell!"

Detailed Itinerary
Day 01–Arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu
You will be welcomed by our team members at the Airport and will then be taken to the Hotel. Our travel representatives and members will briefly explain about the travel itinerary upon your arrival. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 02: Drive to Arughat (700m) 8 hrs
The next day, you will be driving to Arughat from Kathmandu which nearly takes about 8 hours. The drive is divided to two parts. First you will be driving until Dhading Besi, the district headquarter of Dhading district, for 4 hours. From there, you will be travelling until Arughat for another 4 hours of drive. Overnight stay at a guesthouse in Arughat.

Day 03: Trek to Soti Khola (815m) 4 hrs
A couple of hours drive further from Arughat and a few hours trek leads us to Soti Khola, a small town located on the banks of Budhi Gandaki River. Overnight stay at a guesthouse in Soti Khola.

Day 04: Trek to Machhikhola (930 meters) 5 hrs
The next day, we will be doing mild climbing from Soti Khola. The trail is comfortable and a five hours trek along the sandy banks of Budhi Gandaki River and across several forests takes us to Machhikhola where we will be staying for the night at a guesthouse.

Day 05: Trek to Philim (1590m) 6 hrs
On the fifth day, we trek for almost six hours past the great looking valleys and the rivers. Then we reach a wonderful small village called Philim. Also during the way, we come across several suspension bridges that offer great view of the adjoining ambience. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 06: Trek to Bihi Phedi (2130m) 5 hrs
The trail now is undulating with occasional rise and falls. Spectacular waterfalls greet you on the way, so do more suspension bridges. Before reaching Bihi Phedi, we pass the beautiful Eklebhatti village. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 07: Trek to Namrung (2660m) 5 hrs
We pass several Gurung settlement areas and valleys on day eight as we move up the fascinating treail. Namrung has many Buddhist monasteries and Gompas that signify that the Tibetan culture is still quite popular in the region. Trail with carved stones can also be new to some foreign trekkers. We will visit the nearby village in Namrung and stay overnight at a guesthouse there.

Day 08: Trek to Samagaon (3530 meters) 6 hrs

On day nine we will be trekking almost 900 meters and by the end of the day’s trek, we will reach Samagaon loacted at 3530 meters of altitude. Samagaon is a wonderful little village which provides great view of Mount Manaslu. Another attraction of Samagaon is the presence of a popular monastery. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 09: Trek to Samdo (3690m) 3 hrs
The trail to Samdo crosses several grazing and pasture areas and then gradually climbs up the valley. We can have fantastic view of the Himalayan mountains especially Mount Manaslu and others once we reach Samdo . Samdo is also the last permanent settlement area in the valley and this remote village is just a day's walk away from the neighboring Tibet border. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 10: Trek to Dharmasala (4470m) 4 hrs
After leaving the village of Samdo, we cross a stream and reach now deserted Larkya Bazaar. Years ago, this village used to be a major trade point with Tibet. But, the village looks sorry these days as the traders have chosen some other places for trade along the Tibetan border. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 11: Trek to Larkya-La Pass (5213m) and down to Bhimtang (3750m)
On day eleventh day, we trek to Larkya La Pass which happens to be one of the most beautiful Himalayan Pass in Nepal. It is situated at a daunting altitude of 5213 meters and several mountain peaks are clearly visible from this Pass. Himlung Himal (7126 meter), Mount Cheo (6820 meters), Mount Annapurna II (7937 meters) and Mount Manaslu are all visible from the Pass. From Larkya La Pass, we descend to Bhimtang where we will be staying in a guesthouse.

Day 12: Trek to Tilje (2310 meters) 5 hrs
Few hours of gentle downhill climbing through several fields and settlement areas takes to a small village called Tilje. While on the way, we come across a massive rhododendron forest. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 13: Trek to Syange (1175m) 4 hrs
On the 13th day we arrive at Syange, a small village town near Annapurna region, after around 4 hours of trek. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 14: Trek to Bhul Bula (825m) 4 hrs
Trek further from Syange leads us to Bhul Bula. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 15: Drive back to Kathmandu 8 hrs
We catch a local jeep to Beshisahar, the headquarters of Lamjung district, and then drive back to Kathmandu via the Prithvi Highway. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 16: Departure from Kathmandu
On the 16th day of the tour package, you will return to your country via the international Airport in Kathmandu.