About Me

My name is Lila Nath Adhikari and I will be your guide. I live in Nepal, in the capital city Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a verybusy and dusty city. It is wonderful to escape the busy centre. So therefore I became a Nepal trekking guide.


I am a Nepal trekking guide since 1992. I have a trekking guide license and I did trekking in several trekking areas in Nepal. I have a lot of experience and I will give you an unforgettable holiday!!



I will show you my passion for the mountains so you can discover the impressiveness and the beauty of the mountains. During the Nepal trekking I will explain you everything about the nature, the culture, the people and the environment.

Tea house trekking in Nepal is becoming more and more popular these days due to being easier in comparison to challenging Camping Treks. Teahouse Trekking in fact offers the best way of trekking in Nepal. Teahouses with food and accommodation are available in all major trekking regions in Nepal whether it is Everest region or Lang-tang region or Annapurna region.
I am Lilanath Adhikari, a government registered trekking guide from Nepal. I am well acquainted with local dishes and local cultures of all trekking regions. I am available at your service in just 20US$ per day. The cost does not include your trekking permit, flight tickets and lunch, breakfast and dinner. I can also arrange for the porter service in as minimum as 18US$ per day. 
You can send mail to
 lila_nath2004@yahoo.com and book your trekking package so that you will not find it difficult to find room in lodges even in peak seasons of trekking in Nepal. 
Customized trekking is possible with me. Simply mail me with your details including the days of trekking and the region that you wish to trek in and I will soon be in touch with you with the best trekking package that will fit in your budget.
Thank You